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Ultimate Arcades

Why choose our arcades?
  • FUN for the whole family with 1,000s of hours of entertaining and engaging content

  • Must have for a Man Cave, Game Room, or She Shed.

  • 30+ systems spanning 4 decades of arcade/video game nostalgia. From the earliest of Arcade/Atari 2600 to the Sony PlayStation, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, and EVERYTHING in-between.

  • Have your own personal Time Machine into your childhood

  • Powerful PC and software with super fast boot time (Start playing in less than 1 minute)

  • No quarters necessary!

  • 10,000+ titles without duplicate, unplayable or filler games

  • Gorgeous, simple-to-use modern user interface with 1,200+ predefined Favorites to jump in and play instantly.

  • 400+ HD games spanning multiple systems

  • Screen saver automatic playlist jumps into new exciting games instantly

  • Perfectly optimized controls

  • Professionally calibrated audio/video

  • Superior High Definition 17”monitor (HD)

  • Stereo speakers with subwoofer 50-200 watts (all about the base!)

  • Alexa enabled power on/off “Alexa… Turn on my arcade”

  • Ambient smart enabled LED backlight with audio mode. (100s of different color scenes and options)

  • Arcade quality Joystick and LED buttons can withstand the hardest of abuse from kids and adults alike.

  • Cabinet specific upgrades

  • Kid Mode (avoids unintentional tampering)

  • Kiosk mode for commercial/promotional applications.

  • Light weight and maneuverable in your home with built in furniture moving pads.

  • Cupholder for every cabinet

  • Live tv and sports with Ultimate TiVi (select arcades)

We have over 10,000 games with ALL the most popular titles from the systems mentioned below

(if available and playable with the arcade digital only controls).

Full games list not available at this time but we will post a YouTube video of the user interface/games.

1,200+ hand chosen curated with these attributes:
  • AAA Game

  • Arcade exclusive

  • Hidden gems

  • 80’s cheesy

  • 90’s stereotype

  • Nostalgia

400+ High Definition games*

2,000+ Arcade 70’s - 00’s
550 Atari 2600
50 Atari 5200
60 Atari 7800
80 Atari Lynx
50 Atari Jaguar
160 Coleco Vision
140 Intelevision
30 Vectrex
115 TurboGrafx 16
50 TurboGrafx 16 CD
50 Nintendo Game and Watch LCD
25 Nintendo Virtual Boy
615 Nintendo Game Boy
585 Nintendo Game Boy Color
1,000+ Nintendo Game Boy Advance
400 Nintendo DS
675 Nintendo NES
800 Super Nintendo SNES
55 Nintendo 64 *
375 Sega Game Gear
300 Sega Master System SMS
1,100+ Sega Genesis (MegaDrive)
140 Sega CD
30 Sega 32X
300 Sega Saturn
120 Sega Dreamcast (Naomi) *
40 Neo-Geo Pocket Color
100 Sony PlayStation *
150 Sony PlayStation Portable PSP *

200+ Game hacks for tons of popular titles spanning multiple systems.
ie.(Fast pac-man, Fast fire Galaga) Different characters in games
(Sonic in streets of rage, Mario in a Genesis Game)

Bonus section of 85+ games spanning multiple systems
(can be hidden/deleted)

Enhanced features
(Not available for all games):
Rewind game
Pause/Save/Load game
Cheat Codes

Relive your childhood now!
You won’t find a better affordable
at-home arcade experience guaranteed!

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